40 days to go – is the tyre industry prepared for EC1222/2009?

With 40 days until the EU tyre labelling legislation becomes mandatory, independent wheel and tyre data suppliers DriveRight report an influx of enquiries from all over Europe for labelling information via their EC1222.com website.

When the EC1222/2009 legislation was announced, DriveRight foresaw a need for an independent supplier of label information. The company, with its 12 years of experience in the tyre industry, obtained the data of 91 major manufacturers and launched EC1222.com as an independent entity.

DriveRight director Richard Bailey says “Since we promoted the launch of the live database at the end of July, we have seen an exponential increase in enquiry. We expected to see manufacturers seeking information as awareness increased, yet the recent surge in enquiry does indicate a large section of the industry is leaving implementation of a solution to the 11th hour. Continue reading

DriveRight’s expansion into Europe

Flying in the face of a global recession DriveRight, an independent provider of wheel and tyre fitment data, has experienced positive growth within the European Union over the past two years and cites the fast-approaching introduction of tyre labelling legislation as a contributing factor.

DriveRight established a database of vehicle fitments in 1995 and offered online data to manufacturers and retailers throughout Europe. The number of tyre fitments in DriveRight’s database expanded from 31,000 chassis fitments in March 2010 to currently over 40,000.

DriveRight’s diverse product range required dedicated support so the company established firm footings within the EU, expanding their UK operation into France and the Netherlands by appointing agents as distributors of DriveRight products. The German automotive market was catered for by the establishment of DriveRight GmbH in Berlin. Continue reading