Fluid Check-up Made Easy With DropTest

  • Fluid RX: Checks brake, power steering, gear, transmission and hydraulic fluids
  • MOTORcheckUP: A single drop delivers quick and easy analysis of engine oil quality, without the need to be an expert
  • Both are available exclusively from DriveRight, purchased online at www.thedroptest.co.uk

Cardiff, 12 December 2013 – New vehicle fluid testing kits now available in the UK, New Zealand and Australia: DropTest was designed to help repairers, service stations and vehicle owners analyse the ‘health’ of a vehicles fluids and lubricants. DropTest offers two solutions, each suitable for the high-quality requirements of the automotive service industry, yet easy enough for almost any vehicle owner to use, without the need for time consuming or expensive analysis.

1. Fluid RX is a multi-fluid diagnostic kit suitable for cars, trucks, marine, forklifts, plant and agricultural machines and vehicles.
2. MOTORcheckUP, is a cost-effective oil test suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Avoid Potential Damage, or Premature Fluid Changes

Since varying conditions and driving styles will cause vehicle fluids to degrade at different rates, vehicle fluids are often not changed at the correct time. As a result, fluids are wasted if changed prematurely or unnecessary damage to the vehicle may occur if fluids are changed too late. With the Fluid RX and MOTORcheckUP testing kits, it is easy to determine when a fluid has reached its functional limit, reducing operating costs and unnecessary downtime.

Fluid RX

  • Quick and easy analysis of a vehicle’s fluids and lubricants.
  • The Fluid RX multi-fluid kit includes 70 patented Radial Planar Chromatography diagnostic tests for:
  • brake, power steering, transmission, gear and oil with ISO laboratory comparison charts and 70 ‘all-in-one’ antifreeze/coolant dip-strip tests.
  • The Fluid RX multi-fluid test kit is available for £74.99
  • The 70 all-in-one automotive antifreeze/coolant diagnostic test kit can be purchased separately for £18.99.


  • Enables anyone to check on an engine with just one drop of oil.
  • Uses a patented chromatographic process to separate and identify the contents of the oil, indicating if there are unusually high levels of grime, moisture or fuel in the oil.
  • A MOTORcheckUP single test with one test card and evaluation sheet, is available for £9.99.
  • A MOTORcheckUP six-pack with six test fields on one sheet is available for £29.99.

All retail prices shown include VAT, for wholesale orders or orders for Australia or New Zealand please email us at sales@thedroptest.co.uk

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