DriveRight Partners With Lockside Software

  • New software solutions to complement DriveRight’s database of 50,000 vehicles and fitment details
  • Geni-Sys: Easy and cost-effective central management of different sales channels
  • Catalog’nTime: Turn data into paper catalogues at fraction of the cost of manual production

Cardiff, 13 January 2014 – DriveRight, the leading independent supplier of wheel and tyre specific data, now has a partnership with Lockside Software. The global collaboration will make it easier, for the automotive industry and its aftermarket, to manage data to drive sales and customer satisfaction across multiple channels from one central place. Together they provide integrated solutions to turn raw data into appealing product presentations, in the most cost and time efficient way: Geni-Sys is Lockside’s solution to effectively manage and control multiple sales channels from just one back-end. It also works in conjunction with Lockside’s software Catalog’nTime, which is an efficient tool to produce catalogues or advertising material, such as flyers or brochures in much less time than usual. In combination with DriveRight’s database of more than 50,000 vehicles and fitment details, Lockside’s software solutions now help automotive retailers worldwide to seamlessly integrate their products into one central system to control and manage their products across all sales channels and even countries – saving time and increasing revenue.

“Lockside’s software tools are the perfect complement to DriveRight’s database. Together we build a strong partnership, making it as easy and cost-efficient as possible for the automotive industry to manage and present their products – no matter the sales channel and where in the world they are”, says Richard Bailey, Director of DriveRight. Users of DriveRight’s data now get the chance to integrate their product information into Geni-Sys to manage different sales channels with just one tool.  The software solution makes it easy to keep control of product information and target it to specific groups and markets. Geni-Sys helps maintaining consistency between web, print and other channels. Running in a cloud environment means that organisations can gain access to and maintain a central repository of product content from anywhere in the world. The system is user configurable, so user fields can easily be added without restriction and it uses proprietary technology for handling large numbers of attributes. It also works seamlessly together with Catalog’nTime, comfortably converting product data into catalogues and other print related products. For further details go to:

“Lockside sees important opportunities with organisations that want to share data but are hampered by security concerns and the silo approach of legacy systems. Yet every second secure data feeds pump gigabytes of data to Google, Amazon and eBay, to name a few. Lockside believes that the co-operation with DriveRight will bring these kinds of cloud solutions to the automotive industry. As an industrial strength product information management system, Geni-Sys can greatly benefit any multi-channel organisation whether they have thousands, or millions of products. Its ability to handle huge amounts of product-related data efficiently, enables companies to achieve significant savings in data management and maintenance costs, catalogue creation costs and translation costs”, says Peter Ritchie, Director of Lockside Software.

Lockside’s Catalog’nTime is designed for the production of catalogues of 300 pages or more. The tool works in conjunction with Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign to dramatically decrease the production time – for many catalogues it will take hours instead of days or weeks. It is a multi-user system that holds hundreds of thousands of products, collates them for a catalogue and builds the pages according to configurable style templates. For more information and a demonstration visit:
About DriveRight

DriveRight is a globally recognised leading independent supplier of wheel and tyre specific data for the automotive industry and its aftermarket. DriveRight specialises in global tyre and wheel data solutions with information on more than 50,000 vehicles and fitment details, such as original tyre and wheel sizes, offset, PCD and nut and bolt requirements.  Operationally, DriveRight data helps the automotive industry reduce training costs, potential rework, improves quality and manage inventory.  Continually updated, DriveRight fitment data is accessed globally over 8.5 million times every month, supporting 8,000 customer websites and is used internationally by business partners like Amazon, eBay, Goodyear-Dunlop, Bridgestone, Momo, Oxigin, Nokian and OZ. DriveRight, founded in 2001, is headquartered in Cardiff, UK. CEO and founder is Richard Bailey.  For more information visit: http:/

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