DriveRight exhibiting at REIFEN 2014: New developments include a wheel database


• TPMS sensors in the vehicle database
• TyreFit 4.0: Extensive tyre and wheel product database
• French licence plate searchy

Berlin, May 27th 2014 – DriveRight, the leading independent supplier of wheel and tyre data, presents a series of product innovations and further developments of their tools at the international tyre show REIFEN 2014 in Essen, Germany. Among these is a new wheel database that meets international and German data standards, a new version of the TyreFit software which includes a French licence plate search as well as a solution for the shock absorber manufacturer Monroe.

Visit DriveRight at their booth in Hall 4.0 / 4B19 and learn more about the following topics.

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New international wheels database

Just in time for the top international event of the tyre industry REIFEN 2014, DriveRight presents their newly-developed wheel database that supports clients wanting to do international business.  DriveRight’s data includes a variety of global wheel manufacturers and meets the requirements of a wide range of countries.  (For example, they contain the vehicle usage lists for different wheels).  The wheel data is not only connected to the global vehicle database of DriveRight, but it also meets the specific requirements and strict standards of the German market, where vehicles are assigned to the wheels which are mentioned in the TUV certificates and the German “ABE” (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis = general operating licence). In addition to the product data and vehicle assignments, the wheel database also covers images of the wheels and, if available, the TUV certificate and “ABE”.

“With our new wheel database, we enable our customers to offer the same wheels for various markets, reflecting their specific requirements such as for the English or French market.  At the same time this information is available for Germany with its unique legislation. In all cases, the wheels are assigned only to the vehicles for the market where a corresponding approval has been given. This means that our customers are always on the safe side while they market their products easily and efficiently on an international scale,” says Richard Bailey, CEO of DriveRight.

New in the database: Tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS)

DriveRight has now included the most common TPMS Sensors in their vehicle database. Thus, the user can very easily and straightforwardly access this data and integrate it into their existing systems. The access to the TPMS data is available as a new separate service, which is offered in addition to the existing car database access.  DriveRight also integrates the TPMS information of the wheel manufacturer into their database (if available) in order to show customers which TPMS sensors are compatible with which vehicles or where separate sensors need to be acquired so that the wheels may be used on a specific vehicle.

New version of TyreFit

DriveRight also announces the redevelopment of its existing tool, TyreFit, at the tyre show in Essen. The new version, TyreFit 4.0 comes with many new features for example, all the tyre product data that was available in a separate tool,, has now been integrated into TyreFit. The TyreFit user can now search directly in DriveRight’s extensive tyre product database for labelling information. In addition to product data, such as EAN code and tyre size, this also includes images of the tyres and tyre label information.
The TPMS data and the new wheels database have also been integrated into TyreFit. The search for wheel data, showing the respective images of the wheels and other information including manufacturer, brand, model and size can be executed in different ways.
DriveRight has bundled all the important information relating to tyres and wheels into one tool to make it possible for its customers to access a central place for all the necessary data required for the sale of tyres and wheels.

Licence plate search in France

As for some other countries, DriveRight confirms they will also be offering a comprehensive license plate search for France.  The vehicle registration mark (VRM) search is available in the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and some other countries in which licence plates are usually permanently assigned to a particular vehicle. The licence plate search works in addition to the already existing French search service (which uses the vehicle ID “D.2.1” from the “Carte Grise”). This new feature of the licence plate search benefits operators of online shops in France with the opportunity to accelerate and simplify their customers’ search for the correct product since the vehicle is identified by only the input of one variable, the registration plate.  This increases the end users satisfaction and thus revenue increases for the seller.

New development for Monroe shock absorbers

Together with his partner the software maker Lockside, DriveRight has now developed an automotive solution for Lockside’s products “Geni-Sys”* and “Catalog’n time”** that is now being used by the shock absorber manufacturer Monroe in the Australian market. For this purpose, the products of Monroe have been integrated into the product management tool “Geni – Sys” which enables Monroe to adapt not only the products in terms of descriptions or prices but also the allocation of its complete product portfolio in different online channels (such as their own website/online shop, marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, etc.).
In addition, this solution allows Monroe to use the Lockside’s tool “Catalog’n time” to create product catalogues with more than 300 pages in little time.

* The software solution Geni-Sys makes it easy to keep control of product information and target specific groups and markets. Geni-Sys helps maintaining consistency between web, print and other channels. Running in a cloud environment means that organisations can gain access to and maintain a central repository of product content from anywhere in the world. The system is user configurable so user fields can be easily added without restriction, and it uses proprietary technology for handling large numbers of attributes. It also works seamlessly together with Catalog’nTime, which comfortably converts product data into catalogues and other print related products. For further details go to:

** The solution Catalog’nTime of Lockside Software is designed for the production of catalogues of 300 pages or more. The tool works in conjunction with Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign to dramatically decrease the production time – for many catalogues it will take hours instead of days or weeks. It is a multi-user system that holds hundreds of thousands of products, collates them for a catalogue and builds the pages according to configurable style templates. For more information and a demonstration, visit:

About DriveRight

DriveRight is a globally recognised leading independent supplier of wheel and tyre specific data for the automotive industry and its aftermarket. DriveRight specialises in global tyre and wheel data solutions with information on more than 50,000 vehicles and fitment details such as original tyre and wheel sizes, offset, PCD and nut and bolt requirements. Operationally, DriveRight data helps the automotive industry reduce training costs and potential rework and improves quality and management of inventory.  DriveRight fitment data is regularly updated and is accessed globally over 8.5 million times every month supporting 8,000 customer websites, and it is used internationally by business partners like Amazon, eBay, Goodyear-Dunlop, Bridgestone, Momo, Oxigin, Nokian and OZ.

DriveRight internationally supports projects promoting tyre safety. The company is also a member of the UK tyre safety organisation TyreSafe. With the help of the data that DriveRight provides, drivers can easily check the right tyre pressure for their vehicle just by typing in their registration details on the website or iOS app of TyreSafe. More information can be found at: http:/

DriveRight, founded in 2001, is headquartered in Cardiff, UK. CEO and founder is Richard Bailey.  For more information visit: http:/

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