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TyreFit 3.0

DriveRight’s online vehicle fitment database for rims and tires, including OE and option fitments, and plus/minus sizing fitment information. Searches can be by vehicle, vehicle registration plate, Ktype or HSN TSN. A variety of country and language specific options are available.

TPMS 1.0

DriveRight’s web-based UI solution for TPMS information. Access to the site provides information about the relevant TPMS sensors which fit a specific vehicle.

EC1222.com / Tire Labelling

– DriveRight’s web-based UI solution for EU tire labelling legislation. Access to the site will allow a user to retrieve attributes such as rolling resistance, wet grip and noise ratings for over 90 tire manufacturers. Label images are available in PNG, JPG and GIF formats. Also displays tire images and manufacturer specific information.

TyreFit Document Scanner

An online tool allowing a user to upload TUV documents to DriveRight’s server, where information is extracted and matched with DriveRight’s vehicle database then stored in a database and returned to the user by way of API, or directly from a UI, compiled as HTML or Excel reports.

DR Webservices

DriveRight have a host of webservices which will cater for your tire, rim or vehicle needs. The webservices range from basic, returning vehicle chassis and model information, to more specific, returning KBA, vehicle and fitment information from input of an HSN/TSN for DE vehicles or vehicle registration plate in the following countries; UK, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The webservices can be country specific or cover global data.