Fluid Check-up Made Easy With DropTest

  • Fluid RX: Checks brake, power steering, gear, transmission and hydraulic fluids
  • MOTORcheckUP: A single drop delivers quick and easy analysis of engine oil quality, without the need to be an expert
  • Both are available exclusively from DriveRight, purchased online at www.thedroptest.co.uk

Cardiff, 12 December 2013 – New vehicle fluid testing kits now available in the UK, New Zealand and Australia: DropTest was designed to help repairers, service stations and vehicle owners analyse the ‘health’ of a vehicles fluids and lubricants. DropTest offers two solutions, each suitable for the high-quality requirements of the automotive service industry, yet easy enough for almost any vehicle owner to use, without the need for time consuming or expensive analysis.

1. Fluid RX is a multi-fluid diagnostic kit suitable for cars, trucks, marine, forklifts, plant and agricultural machines and vehicles.
2. MOTORcheckUP, is a cost-effective oil test suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Avoid Potential Damage, or Premature Fluid Changes

Since varying conditions and driving styles will cause vehicle fluids to degrade at different rates, vehicle fluids are often not changed at the correct time. As a result, fluids are wasted if changed prematurely or unnecessary damage to the vehicle may occur if fluids are changed too late. With the Fluid RX and MOTORcheckUP testing kits, it is easy to determine when a fluid has reached its functional limit, reducing operating costs and unnecessary downtime.

Fluid RX

  • Quick and easy analysis of a vehicle’s fluids and lubricants.
  • The Fluid RX multi-fluid kit includes 70 patented Radial Planar Chromatography diagnostic tests for:
  • brake, power steering, transmission, gear and oil with ISO laboratory comparison charts and 70 ‘all-in-one’ antifreeze/coolant dip-strip tests.
  • The Fluid RX multi-fluid test kit is available for £74.99
  • The 70 all-in-one automotive antifreeze/coolant diagnostic test kit can be purchased separately for £18.99.


  • Enables anyone to check on an engine with just one drop of oil.
  • Uses a patented chromatographic process to separate and identify the contents of the oil, indicating if there are unusually high levels of grime, moisture or fuel in the oil.
  • A MOTORcheckUP single test with one test card and evaluation sheet, is available for £9.99.
  • A MOTORcheckUP six-pack with six test fields on one sheet is available for £29.99.

All retail prices shown include VAT, for wholesale orders or orders for Australia or New Zealand please email us at sales@thedroptest.co.uk

About DriveRight

DriveRight is a globally recognised leading independent supplier of wheel and tyre specific data for the automotive industry and its aftermarket. DriveRight specialises in global tyre and wheel data solutions with information on more than 50,000 vehicles and fitment details, such as original tyre and wheel sizes, offset, PCD and nut and bolt requirements. Operationally, DriveRight data helps the automotive industry reduce training costs, potential rework, improves quality and manage inventory.  Continually updated, DriveRight fitment data is accessed globally over 8.5 million times every month, supporting 8,000 customer websites and is used internationally by business partners like Amazon, eBay, Goodyear-Dunlop, Bridgestone, Momo, Oxigin, Nokian and OZ. DriveRight, founded in 2001, is headquartered in Cardiff, UK. CEO and founder is Richard Bailey.

ebay listing tool

DriveRight’s new eBay Listing Tool allows customers to increase the visibility and sales potential of their wheel product listings by linking directly to DriveRight’s vast fitment database. Sellers can generate a vehicle fitment guide tailored to each wheel product you offer.

Sellers can simply upload eBay wheel listings file to DriveRight’s online platform to have the fitment data appended. This file, when used to generate listings, will interact with eBay’s master vehicle list to show only relevant wheel listings to potential customers.

The key advantages of using this tool are greater coverage and higher positioning for your products in search results, increase in sales and DriveRight’s comprehensive fitment data will keep costs incurred from incorrectly supplied fitments to a minimum.

DriveRight Deutschland GmbH
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin
Tel:  +49 (0)30 983 25 990
E-Mail:  sales.de@wheelwizards.net
Webseite: www.wheelwizards.net

Tyre image demand increasing

With EC1222/2009 legislation now mandatory requiring labels to be displayed at all point of sale, and within online webshops, tyre distributors have solutions in place, and DriveRight has increasing demand for added value products from the EC1222.com labelling solution.

EC1222.com offers a comprehensive list of manufacturer label data deployed using an API and as demand has increased, distributors subscribing to the EC1222.com website are taking advantage of the tyre image library to display images of tyres within websites.
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Latest product – Tyre Fitment Finder, a marketing “must have” solution

DriveRight, an independent supplier of wheel and tyre fitment data have added a new product – “Tyre Fitment Finder” to our expanding portfolio of products, designed to reduce advertising wastage as an additional marketing solution for any distributor or manufacturer of tyres.

With a database of over 37,500 individual vehicle fitments DriveRight has focused on refining delivery methods to a global customer base since 2001.

The latest addition is a new function added to the reknowned ‘TyreFit’ online tyre guide used as a point of sale fitment look-up for sales staff.

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Tyre Information Released Following Paris Motor Show

Data has now been compiled from the 2012 Paris Motor Show and is available by contacting us.

We are able to compile tailor made specific reports for all global clients, based on the data collected from the show.

Database manager, Stuart Featherstone, stated “Although we conduct our research all year round, obtaining tyre information from car shows provides our customers with pre-release specifics allowing them to pre-plan production and sales.

“We capture complete information and clean it to provide concise reports on tyre manufacturer, pattern, size and we enrich with DOT code and E specification.” Continue reading

40 days to go – is the tyre industry prepared for EC1222/2009?

With 40 days until the EU tyre labelling legislation becomes mandatory, independent wheel and tyre data suppliers DriveRight report an influx of enquiries from all over Europe for labelling information via their EC1222.com website.

When the EC1222/2009 legislation was announced, DriveRight foresaw a need for an independent supplier of label information. The company, with its 12 years of experience in the tyre industry, obtained the data of 91 major manufacturers and launched EC1222.com as an independent entity.

DriveRight director Richard Bailey says “Since we promoted the launch of the live database at the end of July, we have seen an exponential increase in enquiry. We expected to see manufacturers seeking information as awareness increased, yet the recent surge in enquiry does indicate a large section of the industry is leaving implementation of a solution to the 11th hour. Continue reading

DriveRight’s expansion into Europe

Flying in the face of a global recession DriveRight, an independent provider of wheel and tyre fitment data, has experienced positive growth within the European Union over the past two years and cites the fast-approaching introduction of tyre labelling legislation as a contributing factor.

DriveRight established a database of vehicle fitments in 1995 and offered online data to manufacturers and retailers throughout Europe. The number of tyre fitments in DriveRight’s database expanded from 31,000 chassis fitments in March 2010 to currently over 40,000.

DriveRight’s diverse product range required dedicated support so the company established firm footings within the EU, expanding their UK operation into France and the Netherlands by appointing agents as distributors of DriveRight products. The German automotive market was catered for by the establishment of DriveRight GmbH in Berlin. Continue reading

DriveRight’s a Member of TyreSafe

DriveRight has become TyreSafe’s newest member and helped broaden the range of TyreSafe’s supporters.

The two organisations are by no means strangers as DriveRight already supplies the data which goes into TyreSafe’s hugely popular tyre pressure app and provides users with the correct tyre pressure for their vehicle simply by entering their registration number.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe said “the breadth of our membership keeps growing and most aspects of the automotive industry are represented, from car and tyre manufacturers, to insurance firms, retailers, emergency services, public organisations and specialist commercial businesses. Continue reading

Tyre Labelling EC1222.com

Is November 1st 2012 highlighted in your calendar? If you are a tyre manufacturer, distributor or reseller it should be! This is when the new tyre labelling legislation comes into effect.

EC1222.com uses DriveRight’s expertise to produce accurate label information and can cater for large manufacturers with an API solution or small resellers who need new or replacement labels.

Several major manufacturers have already committed to supplying the site with their data. Continue reading

Tyre Labelling Solution – EC1222.com

On 1 November 2012 new tyre labelling legislation becomes mandatory and many retailers are now confronted with the stark realisation that they will need an effective solution before then.

DriveRight recognised the integration of the required information into current operational systems would not be simple for the industry and formed the independent body EC1222.com. The objective is to provide a seamless system to supply labels to all factions within the tyre retailing and manufacturing industry.

Since our last newsletter introducing EC1222.com DriveRight has seen an increased number of enquiries from manufacturers and retailers regarding our solution to the new legislation. Continue reading