VRM and Vehicle Identification Search


Often buyers are not 100% sure what model variation their vehicle may actually be. However, they all know what their license plate number is. Your website can be a powerful selling tool if you provide a VRM search for potential buyers.

Our vehicle data is matched to the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) / number plate in several European countries and overseas. Vehicle information provided from entry of a vehicle license plate number can be enhanced with wheel, tyre and TPMS information added to the results returned.

How we deliver VRM data.

DriveRightData offers a host of webservices to allow web developers to build search engines that allow consumers wanting to purchase wheels or tyres to make on the spot buying decisions and order product online.

customer example

Consumers only need to know their number plate when they arrive on your website – it’s that simple!

Our online fitment guide – TyreFit also has the option of VRM searches. Staff at point of sale can log-in online to enter their customer’s vehicle registration plate to return a comprehensive list of information including wheel and tyre options and other important things such as tyre pressure monitoring systems specifications or nut and bolt information for the searched vehicle.

DriveRightData offers VRM searches for the following countries:

Finland – Denmark – Sweden – Norway – France – Netherlands – UK – Ireland – New Zealand – Italy – United States (with data mapped to ACES) – Brazil – Portugal – Spain

Vehicle Identification searches

In some countries we are not able to offer VRM searches, yet there are other ways to do a quick search for a vehicle based on recognised vehicle identification numbers.
Currently we can offer this option for Switzerland based on the “Typenschein” ID and for Germany by searching for the “HSN-TSN” ID.

If you’d like to give your team the one “Must have” selling tool, or you’d like your website to work more efficiently for you, then you should contact us to discuss access to VRM / Vehicle ID search for your region.