Tire Product Data

DriveRight has embraced EC 1222/2009 regulations and has created a comprehensive database of tire information relating to more than 90 manufacturers. The data includes tread patterns, rolling resistance, noise and wet grip ratings.

Product information:

  • EC1222.com / Tire Labelling
  • EC1222 Webservices Subscribe


EC1222.com / Tire Labelling

– DriveRight’s web-based UI solution for EU tire labelling legislation. Access to the site will allow a user to retrieve attributes such as rolling resistance, wet grip and noise ratings for over 90 tire manufacturers. Label images are available in PNG, JPG and GIF formats. Also displays tire images and manufacturer specific information.

EC1222 Webservices

A suite of webservices allowing a user to integrate information shown in the EC1222.com website into their own web-project.