Wheel Testing Services

Wheel Testing Center

Independent Wheel Testing for Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers.

Driven by demand from the wheel industry, our testing facility in Fullerton, California opened in July 2016 and provid es the industry with reports on wheels tested to international standards.

DriveRightData has over a decade of experience in providing vehicle fitment data to manufacturers, distributors and resellers and has built a successful consultancy service providing behind-the-spoke caliper clearance reports.

We can help verify import quality, design integrity and innovation feasibility.

Wheel Testing Capacity:

  • DriveRightData can provide full reports of testing criteria applied, test logs (where applicable), images before and after testing and a comprehensive summary of results. We comply with domestic and international industry testing standards such as J328, J175, J2530, ISO 3006, ISO 3894 and ISO 7141.
  • With a wheel diameter range of 13”-24” and width ranges of 4”-12”, DriveRightData is sure to have you covered for all your size variation needs.

We offer:

Lateral impact
The Impact Test is performed at an angle of 13° to conform to the standards that DriveRightData mandates with industry and regulatory guidelines.The purpose of this test is to confirm the wheel’s structural integrity and durability against angled load to simulate curb or terrain collision.
Tests Start from $220.00 and up
This test is achieved by dropping a designated weight onto a wheel mounted with a tire on the sidewall to manufacturer specifications and industry standards. Both weight and tire inflation gauge are defined by regulations in which DriveRightData adhere to.

Dynamic Cornering fatigue
The Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Test determines the structural performance of the wheel for normal highway use when subjected to prolonged cornering fatigue stress with emphasis on PCD, center bore, and spoke resilience.
Tests Start from $100.00 and up
Wheels are mounted on the testing machine which simulates cornering under heavy loads as determined by the testing standards that are applied. The stresses applied exceed those experienced during normal road use to exemplify extreme scenarios in assessing durability.

Dynamic Radial Fatigue
The Dynamic Radial Fatigue Test is intended to simulate the dynamic loading of the wheel. The tests force of load by simulating weight of the vehicle, passengers and cargo against construction integrity. Our cycle ranges start with 300,000 cycles and go as high as 1.1 million cycles to comply with J328 and J2530 testing. Our customers can also establish variants of up to 1.8 million cycles in accordance with TUV and international standards.
Tests Starts from $550.00 and up
It simulates the forces of load applied to a wheel when a tire is mounted and carrying the weight of the vehicle, passengers and cargo. The stresses applied exceed those experienced during normal road use in effort to exemplify the extreme conditions of radial exposure under that specific load. DriveRightData runs this test at a standard speed of 55 mph (90km/h). The speed used in the test can be adjusted to any value in the range of 12 – 85 mph (20 – 140 km/h) for an additional charge.

Chemical Crack Detection Test
Recommended with every test as some defectiveness cannot be detected by the naked eye and requires chemical solution highlighting to mitigate any doubts and accentuate the smallest of cracks and blemishes.
Per Test $75.00

FEA Testing
Prove out your new wheel design before it goes into production with FEA testing.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer based method of simulating/analysing the behaviour of engineering structures and components under a variety of conditions like the ones that will be used for real experimental testing. It is an advanced engineering tool that is used in design processes and to augment experimental testing.
Tests Starts from $750.00 and up

Data Enrichment

DriveRightData, through its robust and proprietary process can map your wheels to a wide range of vehicles (up to 100.000) to ensure fitment and expand marketability and minimize returns by as much as 25%. Get fitments for OE and Aftermarket plus sizes mapped to your products using the US standard in vehicle classification (ACES/AAIA) format for easy integration or any other vehicle database that we hold information on globally.

Behind-the-spoke caliper clearance

Optimize your wheel fitment feasibility by using our brake caliper CAD drawings to mitigate back spoke clearances and maximize offset ranges. Get the latest luxury and exotic models for both domestic or import vehicles.

We service:

You can send wheels to DriveRightData’s independent testing facility and not only get a report on the wheel performance, but we can enhance the report by linking to our database to provide a list of vehicles the wheel will fit and to highlight any issues that may arise with fitments due to various parameters. We can also do back reports with calliper clearance CAD drawings to highlight fitments.
The benefits allow manufacturers to adjust wheel specifications ahead of production to suit a larger range of vehicles, and open up more markets for the product.

Resellers and distributors
We verify the product being imported for resale is fit for purpose. Testing verifies wheels manufactured in different markets conform to SAE and ISO standards.