Tyres Fitment Database

Tyres Fitment Database

DriveRight’s technical team have over 60 years’ experience in the tyre and wheel industry, which they have used to populate fitment data of vehicles from around the world. The coverage of fitment data for vehicles manufactured since 2002 is nearly 100%.

Products include:

  • TyreFit 3.0 Subscribe
  • Bulk Data delivery
  • DR Webservices


TyreFit 3.0

DriveRight’s online vehicle fitment database for wheels and tyres, including OE and option fitments, and plus/minus sizing fitment information. Searches can be by vehicle, vehicle registration plate, Ktype or HSN TSN. A variety of country and language specific options are available.

Bulk Data delivery

DriveRight uses a standard table for wheel products to match against the vehicle database to deliver fitments via API. The files are split into many elements to deliver accurate applications; not just a wheel size, style, color and part numbers. The extra elements consist of PCD, offset, centrebore dimensions, maximum tested wheel load, hub lengths and calliper clearances values (X-factor). This can be customer supplied or generated by our experienced engineers.

DR Webservices

A suite of webservices, returning vehicle fitment information as shown in TyreFit 3.0 with options to filter by country and language. Includes options to return TUV information, fitments by VRM and information for mapping wheels to 2D images.

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