Parc Data Reports

Parc reports can help your business forecast effectively.

What difference would it make to your business if you knew how many registered vehicles by make and model were in the regions you market to?

How valuable would it be for your marketing team to have a comprehensive report of which tyres the vehicles in a postal zone will be consuming in the upcoming year or two? Or what benefits would there be for production to find out what volumes of wheels could be sold in your targeted region?

Parc data reports are generated with country or regional vehicle registration volumes obtained from local governing bodies, defined by postcode zoning or similar where available. Currently we have Parc data available for 77 countries.

We have an experienced research team, passionate about wheels and tyres that have accumulated data from most countries from the year 1985 and even further back in many regions. Yet, we don’t just look back, we keep up with all the latest vehicles that hit the market. We even have forecast figures available 6 years ahead.

DriveRightData can then further enhance Parc data reports, matching vehicles to OEM and aftermarket fitments, including OE wheel and tyre fitments, aftermarket options such as plus and minus size fitments or general TPMS data.

Parc Data Reports are available for Europe, Asia, Oceania, North and South America and Africa.

How we deliver Parc Data Reports

Generally, we provide these reports as flat files but in specific cases it might be necessary to deliver in other formats (e.g. Access database) due to the volume of data.

If you are interested in using our Parc Data Reports, please contact us with the countries/regions you require.