Technical Services and Support

Fitment Reports

DriveRightData, through its robust and proprietary process can map your wheels to a wide range of vehicles to ensure fitment and expand marketability and minimize returns by as much as 25%.  Get fitments for OE and Aftermarket plus and minus sizes mapped to your products in ACES/AAIA format for easy integration

Caliper profiles

The technical team maintain a caliper profile library constantly updated with the latest models, or post-production vehicles on request. Profile CAD drawings allow wheel manufacturers to review wheel design to determine how wheels can be modified to accommodate caliper clearance to suit a greater range of vehicles.

Wheel Analysis

AutoCAD 2D drawings are overlaid with caliper profiles to provide a global vehicle fitment list to show which vehicles the wheel fits. If the wheel doesn’t fit a vehicle, analysis can be made of what changes are required. Manufacturers can then make necessary adjustments on their wheels to include the non-matching vehicles before production begins.

As an independent provider for data and testing, DriveRightData’s objective is to give distributors or importers the confidence that their products are really “fit for their purpose”.

FEA Testing
Verify your new wheel design before it goes into production with FEA testing.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer-based method of simulating/analysing the behaviour of engineering structures and components under a variety of conditions to simulate situations encountered in use. It is an advanced engineering tool that is used in design processes and to augment experimental testing.