Wheel and Tyre Size Calculator

At DriveRight we provide accurate, up-to-date wheel and tyre fitment data from our database of over 50,000 vehicles, with files dating back over four decades.

Calculate Wheel and Tyre Size

It is vitally important that every vehicle on the road has a set of wheels and tyres which are a perfect fit so we always use country specific legislation in order to check wheels against their ability to fit vehicles worldwide. We offer fitment data globally and our technical team of experts has over 60 years of experience in the wheel industry, resulting in incredible manufacturer connections which are long established.

Vehicle Wheel and Tyre Product Data

DriveRight provide product data from wheel manufacturers and our services also include a TyreFit Document Scanner. This allows our customers to upload TUV documents to our server, and information is then returned by API, or direct from UI. You can search by vehicle, vehicle registration plate, Ktype or HSN TSN via TyreFit 3.0, our online vehicle fitment database which includes plus/minus sizing fitment information. With Bulk Data Delivery we are proud to offer extra elements such as hub lengths and offset which can either be customer supplied or generated by our highly skilled engineers

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